Men's Swimming Pool

First Step to a healthier lifestyle
.    Special air-washing equipment humidity a bay
.    Temperature regulated pool varies from season to season of Faisalabd i.e. winters 31.32 C, Suana is minimum 70 C and can be raised on demand
.    Separate beginners classes with proper safety and experienced instructors
.    Daily filtered clear water maintains the international medicated standars
.    Separate lockers for your belonginings, changing rooms and shower rooms
.    Steam bath for making you fresh and healthy

Swimming Pool
Enjoy swimming at our fantastic pool or you can learn to swim in 10-15 days with our expert and experienced coaches.

Suana Bath
Gives relaxation to mind and body by improving blood circulation

Stream Bath

A great treatment for respiratory problems. It also revivers from physical exertions and relives from the pain and stiffness for arthritis.