Ladies Gym Services

Ladies Gym:
A separate comfortable environment to achieve your personal goals. Keep your figure energetic, attractive and active. Always maintain a young stable stamina of your body.

    Full size, wooden floor, air conditioned TV equipped gym
    Personal attention by qualified female coaches
    Lightweight machines (particularly for females)
    Exercise chart (customized to different body structures)
    An extensive range of modern  equipment
    Fully secured and clean atmosphere
    Beauty saloon offering all types of skin and hair treatment


Aerobics, an effective physical and mental exercise to keep you fit. You can do it either alone or in a group in soulful music to give yourself relaxing feel and instructions on TV screen for better understanding. Helps to achieve your ideal weight by reducing body fats, minimize the effects of ageing, relieves stress and anxiety and most of all it improves quality of life Yoga is all about creating balance in body through developing both strength and flexibility.

Ladies Swimming Pool:
    Ladies Swimming Pool a Beginning to a healthier lifestyle
    Peace of mind helps you and your family members to spend a lovely life. With great ways of relaxation, enhance your lifestyle
    Separate pool with complete privacy
    Special air washing equipment humidity at bay
    Highly trained lady instructors and massagers
    Daily filter maintains the international medicated standards
    Steam Bath and sauna bath are situated by pool
    Massage Room

Learn to swim in 10 – 15 days from our trained lady coaches clean shower rooms and a pleasant swimming pool environment. Sauna Bath it is a place to find peace of mind relaxation and contentment a way to deal with daily stress with a smile on your face and spring in your every step. Provides healthier and glowing skin with clear complexion.