Ladie's Swimming Pool

A beginning to a healthier lifestyle
Peace of mind helps your and your family members to spend a lovely life. With great ways of relaxation, enhance your lifestyle.
Separate pool with complete privacy.
Four sided wall covered pool.
Special air washing equipment hurmidity at way.
Weather friendly pool keeps you energized and refresh. Pool temperature varies from season to season of suana bath, in winter 31-32 C whereas Suana is maninimum 70 C and can be raised on demand.
Separate pool for beginners with proper safety and well experienced trainers.
Highly trained lady instructors and massagers.
Daily filter maintains the international medicated standars.
Steam Bath and Suana Bath are situated by the pool.


Swimming Pool
Learn to swim 10-15 days from our trained lady coaches. Clean shower rooms and plasannt swimming  pool environment.

Suana Bath
Its is a place to find peace of mind, relaxation and contentment. A way to deal with daily stress with a smile on your face and spring in your every step. Provides healthier and glowming skin with clear complexion.

Steam Bath

Steam Bath gives the benefits of total relaxation of mind and skin, improves your blood circulation and makes your skin younger and bright. Opens the dead pores of your skin and provides and relaxing and healthy experience. Steam is and excellent treatment for respiratory problems.

Massage Room
Offering first time dermalogica with herbal oils. Helps in reducing paints and leaves your body with relaxed mind. Massage reduces the tension in the muscles and moisturizes your dry skin.