Gents Gym Services

Gents Gym:
Lyallpur Gymkhana Club offers defying traditional exercise settings and standard gym environment. Our gym is equipped with not only a wide variety of state-of-the art wellness equipment to keep you motivated and on track but also top-ranking staff to give unsurpassed services, wellness solution thereby adding life to your years. The hallmarks of our gym
    Top-notch fitness instructors catering to varying individual needs
    A wide range of high-tech muscular equipment
    Quality preventive exercise programming to address your wellness targets
    Polar body age testing to quantify your health and fitness targets
    A wide variety of resistance equipment to give a full body workout

Latest imported machinery equipped gym, improves muscle tone and makes your personality elegant and smart Beginners and athletes of all ages and capacities are welcome highly trained and professional coach helps to make your personality impressive with well built muscular body

Gents Swimming Pool: Gents Swimming Pool a Beginning to a healthier lifestyle

    Special air-washing equipment humidity at bay.
    Temperature regulated pool varies from season to season of Faisalabad i.e. in winters 31-32 C sauna is minimum 70 c and be raised on demand.
    Daily filtered clear water maintains the international medicated standards.
    Separate lockers for your belongings. Changing rooms and shower rooms.
    Steam bath for making you fresh and healthy.
    Enjoy swimming at our fantastic pool or you can learn to swim in 10-15 days with our expert and experienced coaches.

Sauna Bath:
Gives relaxation to mind body by improving blood circulation steam bath a great treatment for respiratory problems. It also revives from physical exertions and relives from the pain and stiffness of arthritis.